How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019

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Digital marketing will change drastically in 2019. And sadly, you are not likely to like a great deal of the changes.

With no, I don’t mean modify from a contest standpoint. A person already know that every year marketing gets a lot more expensive and much more competitive. That is just a given.

Simply look at the chart above: that’s Google’s yearly revenue. As you may see, during the final recession, Google made a lot more and more money. These people didn’t even have the down year.

One associated with the big reasons all of us are seeing digital advertising change so much will be because of the ownership of new technologies. But additionally because the web will be getting saturated… there are 1, 805, 260, 010 websites on the web.

That means there is 1 website for every 4 people in this world. That’s crazy!

So, let’s dive into it… here’s how digital marketing is going to change this year.
Drastic Change #1: SEO won’t look the same

I’m starting with this one because I know you are going to hate this. SEO is moving to voice search.

In 2018, 2 out of every 5 adults used voice search once per day. But in 2020, 50% of all searches will be done through voice search according to ComScore.

And it won’t just be people speaking into their microphone on their cell phone or laptop, 30% of web browsing won’t even take place on a device with a screen. That means more people will be searching through devices like Google Home or Alexa.

I know you don’t like this because every time I blog about voice search, no one really reads the article. It’s one of those topics that SEOs just wish didn’t exist.


Well, being on page 1 doesn’t matter when it arrives to voice search. Possibly Google pulls from your own website or they do not.

Plus secondly, conversions from tone of voice search will be reduce because people won’t become visiting your website. Google will certainly you need to be giving them the particular answer. At least, till we can figure away how to solve this particular as marketers.

But rather of looking at tone of voice search like a bad point, just think of this this way, nobody cares about you to read articles about this, which means most SEOs won’t be prepared with regard to it.

This is your own chance to get forward of your competition plus gobble up those visitors prior to the market shifts in to using voice.

Here are usually some articles that will certainly teach you how in order to your own voice search visitors:
Drastic Change #2: Anticipate algorithm updates to become more complex

Based on the Moz algorithm changelog, there have been twelve updates in 2018.

Even though it sounds like the lot, it isn’t. Within 2017 there have been 13 up-dates and in 2016 presently there were 11. In some other words, Google has been averaging 12 updates each year if you put together the confirmed updates together with the “unconfirmed” ones.

Nevertheless let’s glance at the older updates…

On July 17, 2015, Google released Panda some. 2. I am aware you may possibly have hated the Grupo update, but it was not to bad this time. All Google performed doing was get clear of spammy sites together with low-quality content.

They did not want to rank internet sites that had thousands regarding 300-word blog posts together with duplicate content.

Could an individual blame them for your?

In addition to what about the alter Google made on Sept. 2010 27, 2016, the Penguin 4. 0 update?

When you built spammy backlinks, they will no longer would merely penalize you, in many cases, they would devalue those links instead.

Of which means in the event you did anything shady like buy a new ton of backlinks in addition to get caught, those backlinks would just be de-valued instead of causing your whole site to get banned.

Now if you look at the latest algorithm updates, they are getting more complex and harder to beat. And it’s because technology is evolving so fast.

Google no longer has to just look at metrics like content and backlink count to figure out if a site ranks well. They can look at user metrics, such as:

Are users spending more time on your site than the other ranked sites on Google?
Are people bouncing off your site and heading back to the Google listing page?
Are your brand queries increasing over time? Or do people not see you as a brand?
Do people find your site more appealing… in other words, is your click-through-rate higher?

If you want to beat Google, you have to shift your mindset. It’s not about understanding Google, it’s about understanding users.

Google has one goal: to rank sites that users love the most at the top. That causes people to come back, keep using Google, and increase their overall revenue.

If an individual can put yourself inside your users’ shoes, you will be better suited to be able to accomplish that.

The first action in doing this is usually to recognize that when a person performs research online for virtually any keyword, they aren’t merely “performing a search, ” they are looking regarding a solution to their particular problem.

By understanding typically the intent of their lookup, you’ll be a little more likely in addition to able to solve their particular problems. You can employ tools like Ubersuggest to be able to help you by it since it will show an individual long tail phrases (problems people are seeking to fix for).

Once you accomplish that, you’ll be able to be able to create the most effective experience, typically the best product, as well as services that people deserve.

This is one way you make your internet site continually achieve high ranking in typically the long run even since they make their protocol more complex.
Drastic Change #3: You can’t build a company off of 1 channel

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