17 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers (2019)

Step by step instructions to Get More YouTube Subscribers

In this post you will figure out how to get more YouTube endorsers in 2018.

Truth be told:

These are the correct methodologies I used to develop my channel from zero to 165,900 supporters.

Backlinko YouTube supporters increment

Furthermore, today I will demonstrate to you how I did it…

… and how you can do a similar thing.

1. Use “Power Playlists”

“Power Playlists” resemble customary playlists… yet better.

Here’s actually how they function:

Most playlists are composed by theme.

Power playlists

In any case, Power Playlists are extraordinary.

Rather than subjects, Power Playlists are sorted out by results.

Here’s a model from my channel:

Backlinko – Power Playlist model

As should be obvious, the title of that playlist is a result:

Backlinko’s Power Playlist title gives a result

Which makes individuals MUCH bound to watch my playlist… and buy in.

What’s more, that drives us to…

2. Distribute LONG Videos (10+ Minutes)

That is correct, this conflicts with standard way of thinking.

In any case, remain with me.

I as of late did the biggest YouTube positioning elements consider ever.

YouTube Ranking Factors ponder

What’s more, we discovered something amazing:

Longer recordings rank better in YouTube.

Longer recordings will in general position better in YouTube

For instance:

A couple of months back I distributed this video.

As should be obvious, my video is right around 14 minutes in length:

Backlinko YouTube video length

Also, that is one of the fundamental reasons that it positions #1 in YouTube for the watchword: “backlinks”:

Backlinko YouTube video – Ranking for

3. Advance Videos In Your End Screen

Here’s the arrangement:

The a greater amount of your recordings somebody watches, the more probable they are to buy in.

The inquiry is:

How would you inspire individuals to watch 2, 5 or even 10 of your recordings?

Advance another video in your End Screen.

Here’s a precedent from my channel:

Backlinko End Screen – Next Video

This straightforward “Next Video” has prompted TONS of extra perspectives and endorsers:

Backlinko – End Screen – Extra perspectives and supporters

Here’s the means by which you can do a similar thing:

To start with, incorporate 10 seconds of time toward the finish of your recordings explicitly for your End Screen.

This is what mine resembles:

Backlinko – End Screen format

At that point, utilize YouTube’s End Screen supervisor to add a connection to a related video:

Backlinko – End Screen manager

It’s just as simple as that

4. Marking Watermark = Subscribe Button

This is a definitive YouTube supporter hack.

You most likely realize that you can add a Branding Watermark to your recordings.

Marking Watermark

This watermark gives watchers a chance to buy in to your channel within your video.

Marking watermark permits buying in inside video

Sadly, most Branding Watermarks are totally overlooked.

For instance…

A year ago I added this watermark to the majority of my recordings:

Backlinko – First watermark

Also, it did literally nothing.

So I chose to take a stab at something new.

Rather than a watermark that looked cool…

… I utilized one that resembled an ordinary YouTube buy in catch.

Backlinko – Latest watermark

What’s more, it worked!

My new watermark created 70% a bigger number of endorsers than my old one.

Backlinko – New watermark achievement

Quite cool.

5. Concentrate On Quality… Not Quantity

When I previously began my YouTube channel, I read a similar guidance again and again:

“In the event that you need to develop your channel, you have to transfer recordings all the time”

Things being what they are, this is HORRIBLE guidance.

I’ll clarify.

When I previously began my channel I distributed recordings on a reliable timetable…

… yet nobody watched them.

Backlinko – Low YouTube see rate

What’s more, the few individuals that viewed my recordings didn’t considerably try to buy in.

Backlinko YouTube channel – Low supporter transformation

It was REALLY baffling.

So I chose to switch things up.

Rather than amount, I chose to concentrate 100% on quality.

What’s more, this “quality over amount” approach worked like enchantment.

Streak forward to today and my channel produces over 200k perspectives every month from just 24 all out recordings:

Backlinko – 200,000 perspectives for each month

What’s more, since I empty my essence into each video, 7k individuals buy in to my channel each month:

Backlinko – 7,000 month to month supporters

6. Answer To EVERY Comment

This is one of the EASIEST approaches to get more supporters.

Truth be told, YouTube’s inner information has discovered an unmistakable relationship between’s answering to remarks and supporters:

For what reason does this assistance?

All things considered, most YouTubers never answer to remarks.

Which implies you in a flash emerge when you do.

Brian answering to YouTube remarks

That is the reason I do my best to answer to the greatest number of remarks as I can.

(Particularly directly after another video turns out)

7. Compose a Compelling Channel Description

Your YouTube Channel Description is HUGE.

Tragically, most Channel Descriptions resemble this:

Terrible YouTube Channel Description

Envision that you’re thinking about buying in to that channel.

Is that portrayal going to make somebody jump for the buy in catch?

Most likely not.

Balance that powerless depiction with this one:

Great YouTube Channel Description

This about page works since it:

Reveals to you what the channel is about

Gives you critical data on the channel (like the transfer plan)

Incorporates a solid suggestion to take action to buy in

Here’s a format to enable you to compose your very own Channel Description:

YouTube depiction layout

Star Tip: Sprinkle in a bunch of catchphrases in your portrayal. This can enable your divert to rank better in YouTube seek.

For instance, I sprinkled in a couple of various watchwords that individuals hunting down my substance would utilize…

… like “Web optimization”, “external link establishment” and “substance promoting”.

Backlinko YouTube channel watchwords

8. Channel People to “Supporter Magnets”

This is working GREAT for me at the present time.

Here’s the well ordered process:

To begin with, make a beeline for your YouTube Analytics.

Also, click “Supporters” → “YouTube Watch Page”.

Next, recognize the video that presented to you the most subs a month ago:

Recognize the video that brought the most supporters

(This video is your “Endorser Magnet”)

For my situation, this ONE Subscriber Magnet from my direct gets the same number of endorsers as 13 different recordings from my channel… joined.

Endorser magnets

For what reason is this critical?

Your Subscriber Magnet video is PROVEN to create supporters.

Also, on the off chance that you can get these video before more individuals, you’ll get more endorsers

Here are 3 different ways to get more eyeballs on your Subscriber Magnet.

In the first place, include that video in your End Screen.

Highlight your Subscriber Magnet on your End Screen

Second, make a playlist that begins off with that video:

Make a playlist that begins with the endorser magnet

At long last, advance that video in a card:

Advance video in card

You can even make your Subscriber Magnet your channel trailer.

For instance, Evan Carmichael utilizes his high-changing over Steve Jobs video as his trailer:

Evan Carmichael – Trailer

That way, Evan’s high-changing over video gets before everybody that visits his channel page

9. Utilize an Awesome Channel Icon

Your Channel Icon shows up EVERYWHERE on YouTube.

Channel Icon

That is the reason it’s extremely imperative to utilize the correct one.

So in case you’re an individual brand, utilize a high-res headshot:

Individual brand – High-res headshot

In case you’re an organization channel, utilize a variant of your logo intended for YouTube.

For instance, ESPN adjusted their logo so it works consummately as a Channel Icon:

Organization Channel Icon

10. Make a Channel Tagline

Let’s be honest:

Most YouTube channels do NOTHING to emerge.

Also, hello, I’m not judging.

In the beginning of my channel I totally disregarded my channel’s situating.

Backlinko – Old YouTube channel

What’s more, it was one of the fundamental reasons that I battled.

When I began to deliberately position my channel, my perspectives and supporters shot up like a rocketship.

Perspectives and supporters ascending from vital situating of channel

Luckily, you needn’t bother with a MBA to position and brand your channel.

Indeed, you should simply make a basic slogan.

Here’s the 3-step process:

To start with, recognize ONE thing that makes your channel exceptional or extraordinary.

Perhaps you’re a bustling mother that can deadlift 500 pounds.

Possibly your channel encourages programming organizations how to develop their blog.

The correct “thing” doesn’t make a difference.

For whatever length of time that it’s unique in relation to alternate diverts in your specialty, you’re set.

For instance:

My recordings train individuals promoting methodologies they can use to develop their business.

Backlinko recordings

Be that as it may, in the event that I made my slogan “I show promoting procedures” or “I enable you to develop your business”, I’d mix in with a great many different channels on YouTube.

So I chose to concentrate on the ONE thing that my channel centers around:

Higher rankings and more traffic.

Second, put that slogan in enormous text style on your Channel Art.

Here’s mine:

Slogan in Channel Art

At last, say your slogan in your Channel Trailer.

State slogan in channel trailer

11. Heart Awesome Comments

Some time ago YouTube propelled “Maker Hearts”.

Maker Hearts

Maker Hearts make it simple to feature magnificent remarks from your locale:

Backlinko – Creator Heart model

Presently for the fascinating part…

When you heart a remark, that individual gets a notice:

Brian hearting a remark

What’s more, as indicated by YouTube’s own information:

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true:

Heart warnings get 300% a bigger number of snaps than normal.

So at whatever point somebody leaves a strong remark, connect them with a heart:

Brian hearting a remark

As you just observed, this will take them back to your video… and make them VERY prone to buy in.

12. Make a Killer Channel Trailer

Here are 3 strategies for making a channel trail

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